What’s in a name?

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When I originally started putting things on paper for the podcast I was really troubled over what to name it.  I thought I had some real gems. “See Jack Learn” was my personal favorite.  Behaviour based learning objectives have a visual aspect to them.  It plays on the “See Spot Run” books, leaning towards a slight nostalgia angle but also a very formative time in all of our lives, early childhood.

I tested it in some surveys and it do not test well.  Not at all.  Ultimately, I took a step back and looked at it. This is not a video podcast, so the ‘see’ part might be misleading. And my name is not Jack.  I expect people would check it out and feel cheated somehow that they here listening to Dan instead of seeing Jack (he’s probably better looking).

I still think it’s a good title (and the domain was available, too) but just not for this podcast.  When ‘Training by Fire’ popped into my head I liked the sounds of it.  It plays on the phrase ‘trial by fire’ which has grim origins of medieval methods to prove ones innocence. However, to me this phrase means “try it and if it doesn’t work try something else.”  I do not claim to be a expert and what I am doing through this podcast is learning as I go.   Not only in the creation and production of it, but more importantly, I’m learning the content.  I’m learning about the industry and the people in it.  I’m trying things and when they don’t work I’m trying something else.



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