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How does your company or group certify or graduate trainers on new content or classes. Train the Trainer (TtT or T3, or whatever) really varies from group to group.  Do you include other elements?  Is there a test to be written or a report to be given?  Or is it as simple as checking if the trainer can follow the bouncing ball in the current presentation?

One item I’m currently looking into is a trainer evaluation form.  There are a lot of these out on the web for review.  I even saw one that would allow me to officially comment on a training session that had been done.  Weird.

It makes sense that a trainer execute a format evaluation when learning new content but that’s just the final hurdle.  There are a lot of pieces that lead up to that, of course, but we won’t talk about them here.  Another day maybe.

I was initially confronted with the “one form or multiple forms” dilemma. Is it better to create a single form that can be used for multiple things or give each event it’s own form.  This would look like live instructor lead sessions, webinar sessions, self-evaluations and formal evaluations.

One at a Time

If we take the one-at-a-time approach, this allows us to really dig down into each scenario.  For a live training we can lay the form out in a chronological way, from the point of “was the instructor prepared” to “was the room clear when they left.” Seems to make sense on some level.

This allows a self-evaluation specific form to encourage reflection by the learning trainer.  How prepared did you feel? What is your level of mastery of the content? What are your areas of improvement?  Without taking the time to reflect on our successes and failures we just blunder our way to new challenges and don’t get the most out of each experience.

Multi-Tool Form

If we take a multi-use form approach the learning trainer knows the exact criteria that they will be measured against during the formal evaluation.  The form would need to be rearranged to split out relevant elements by situation (live vs webinar).  A distinct benefit to this approach is document management.  There is only one form and zero confusion over which one is use for which scenario.

I have (currently) adopted the multi-use form approach.   I tried to create my form on a single page which I read about in The Toyota Way, a great book about the rise of Toyota.  Any report management sees has to be contained to a single 11×17 sheet of paper.  It’s not a direct translation of the approach but the spirit helps keep it simple.

I’m currently drafting the form and reviewing it with colleagues but I think it’ll work out well.

I’ll keep you posted.

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