Teaching Waitlist Just Got Shorter

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Many of you in my generation want to become a teacher, but have you considered all of STOPthe options?  I will make a few assumptions about where your career choice sprouted:

  • You want to make a difference in peoples lives.
  • You like helping people.
  • You had a teacher when you were a child who really inspired you.
  • You watched Dead Poet Society.

You and I have a lot in common. As I was completing high school my plan was to become an english teacher but that wasn’t the path that I ended up walking down. After bouncing around a bit I have found comfort in the training industry and it has a lot to offer people who are considering teaching as a career.

One of the biggest challenges to beginning a teaching career is getting your foot in the door.  A lot of people I grew up with are teachers.  A few lucky ones have landed full time jobs, but most continue to take contract positions and sub-jobs while they wait, for years, for their big break.  For years!  The teaching profession is highly regulated and unionized and this is a major barrier to entry.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

Every company out there need to train people to do something and that’s a lot of people! Big companies can have multiple training teams or there’s the independent contractor route where you can pick and choose your jobs. The good news is, there are options to do what you want to do, you just have to manage your life expectations.  The most determined (some might say stubborn) people will do everything in their power to see that they get a position in their idea career, teaching, and good on them!  You should go after what you want but keep in mind your realm of influence.  An individuals realm of influence ends where bureaucracy begins and the education system is riddled with bureaucracy.   You can only chase a dangled carrot for so long but considering why you want that carrot.  You may find that you can achieve those ends through other means.

Once you see the options that exist in the corporate arena you might be shocked that you can apply all of your skills and satisfy your career needs and wants! You are free to pick an industry of your choice, sports, technology, transportation, film, anything.  Every single industry has a need for trainers.  I’m not saying you’ll get your ideal job handed to you, but you’ve got options.

The trick is to be passionate.  Being passionate will get you a long way.  Join a group, volunteer, start a blog, or dare I say a podcast. You will start crawling your way to where you should end up.  It may not be clear at first but, eventually, it will be.

I have seen a number of friends find frustration along their never ending journey to become a teacher.  Let me help!  Look into a training and I know you’ll find something that you can make a positive influence in the lives of others.  You may need to be patient, understanding, creative, tough, and mildly entertaining.  But you already knew that.

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