TBF005 – Self Awareness. Take a good, hard look at yourself.

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This week we explore Self Awareness and the importance of it for educators.

The first thing that we discuss is the Johari Window and it’s importance for self exploration. We also look at a few things you can do to share a bit of yourself with other which, of course, leads to better relationships. Here’s a link to the wikipedia article for JoHari Windows.  And here is another that I found as part of a slide presentation.

We really explore this article a lot.  It looks at education 5 Key Questions to Increase Teacher Self-Awareness.  The article looks specifically at teaching emotionally and behaviourally challenged students but you can definitely help any teacher or trainer.

Q1. Am I taking proactive steps to identify and defuse my own ‘emotional triggers’?

Q2. Am I paying attention to what I need to pay attention to?

Q3. Am I using effective strategies to reduce burnout and nurture my own mental health?

Q4. Am I using an appropriate sense of humour to build relationships, diffuse conflict, engage learners, and manage my stress?

Q5. Do I regularly acknowledge significant ways I (and others) are making a difference?

Great great article.

We also talked about the technology Singularity.  If you’re not sure what that’s all about this might help.

I hope this helped you!


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