TBF004 – Role Play. The kind you can research on your work computer.

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In this episode we talk about about why you want to incorporate role plays into your class or training session.

We take a brief look at how war is related to role play and why I feel comedy is overlooked at award season.

We discuss how the Kolb Learning Styles Inventory

works in relation to Role Play.  But for all you Kolb-ites out there, I promise we’ll look at it more indepth in a future podcast.  Here’s the link to one of many sources, it’s the Business Balls one.

We talk about how social anxiety can be very difficult to deal with and some ways to help your learners over come it.  Here’s the link to that.

We also discuss a few ways that we can learn from Role Playing Games (RPGs),  MMORPGs and even LARPing! (that link is to a youtube search for ‘LARP’, enjoy!)

These are some good tips for public speaking from the good people at how stuff works.com . Remember these are geared towards public speaking but I think several of them can be applied to role play.

And lastly, here the Yale link.  Guidelines on how to create an effective role play.
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“Organic Grunge”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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