Motivation. The Right Stuff.

Why is it that certain people end up as trainers?  Some people seek this position out but other come to it accidentally.  What attributes are essential to be a trainer? Is someone born a trainer or do they become one?

Let’s first explore a skill set. Trainers need to be problem solvers, mindful of others, self-aware, and friendly, among other things.  Some of these characteristics are traits that we acquire as we grow and others can be easily learned.  I think I should say fate is garbage.   I’m of the opinion that if we want something and we are willing to put in the time and Continue reading

Online Instruction is like Stage Acting

Have you ever been to a play?  I’ve been in a couple (don’t laugh).  I’d like you to compare stage acting there acting you see on the silver screen. Maybe not the quality of the acting but the style.  Film acting can be very subtle.  Gary Oldman is one of my favorites and Tom Hardy, too.  Both men can barely say anything and audience takes away tons of information. Stage acting is very different out of necessity.  People at the back of the theater need to see that the actor is feeling or doing something and unless that something is exaggerated they’ll never know.  Even the make-up and wardrobe is exaggerated to convey information more easily.  Online learning can be like sitting at the back of a theater where all of the actors are underacting.  All of the subtle things we can bring to a face-to-face session are gone.  Inflection of voice, gesture of hand, raise of eyebrow…make-up of face. Continue reading

TBF012 – Universal Design. Everyone play nice!

We explore the history of Universal design.

Timothy Nugent, Director of Rehabilitation at University of Illinois, worked with WWII veterans who came back from the war with less limbs than they went with.  I think we can all agree, noble work.  In 1949 he starts researching how we can make the world accessible to people that have disabilities.  That same year, working with a student group from U of I he spear heads the first ever National Wheelchair Basketball Association.

At this point, if you aren’t impressed with Tim Nugent, you have no soul. Continue reading