Seven Lessons I’ve Learned about Podcasting

Question EyeHaving just released my 50th podcast, I’m experiencing a mix of pride, mild disappointment and a dash of hope.  It’s a terrific accomplishment, but like a lot of training initiatives, I can’t really pin down an actual return on investment. I know there are a whole slew of intangible outcomes and benefits, but if this where a business, that wouldn’t fly.  When I started TBF nearly three years ago I had a bunch of stuff written on paper mostly wild ideas and hopes. Not dissimilar like plans you make to start a business together when drinking with a buddy.

This year I decided to treat TBF like an experiment where I was an unknowing participant.  My approach for the rest of 2015 will be some (more) trial and error, but Continue reading

TBF046 – Presentation Skills 101

Feed Image e46Here is the quick and dirty break-down of what I cover in episode 46, which looks exclusively at presentation skills:

  • Presenting vs training
  • calming your nerves, without booze
  • voice control, how much is too much
  • face control?
  • hands/body language
  • filler words, don’t use them
  • know your content, a bunch
  • troubleshooting

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Look Out For #1

ebolaIn October ebola took the United States by storm. Well, no.  That’s not quite right.  In October one man sucumbed to the disease while the media filled the headlines with sensationalist click-bait bullshit to terrify people.  Somehow, through all of the fog and subterfuge, the topic of training surfaced.

First off, one death is too many to have on the continent.  Secondly, I don’t want to minimize the risk that hospital staff experience on a daily basis. Having said that, I do have some thoughts. Continue reading

TBF039 – Interview with Theresa Kratofil, Being an Independent Contractor

Feed Image e39Episode 39 is an interview with Theresa Kratofil, an independent trainer.  How do you make that transition between working for someone else to working for yourself?  That’s what Theresa shares with us in this episode.

She mentions a couple of books and this one, Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott, she found specificaly valuable.

Thanks for downloading! – Dan

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8 Ways to Motivate Learners

I’ve recently been exposed to a paper written by Steven Reiss, called the Multifaceted Nature of Intrinsic Motivation. The more I read, the more I see how interwoven all human-centric ideas are.

I’m a firm believer that everyone has to be a sales person, on some level.  If you can’t sell, you’ll never get what you want.  While there might be some underhanded sales tactics out there, as a sales person I was able to add value to customers lives and I didn’t have to feel bad about it.  Sales skills are a tool, and all tools can be abused.  But this isn’t what I’m talking about.   Continue reading