Would a Pitchman make a good trainer?

Sunday morning TV is pretty much restricted to political talking heads, church and infomercials.  Spinning around the dial I’ve casually settled onto a blender or vacuum commercial  more than once. After a minute I’ll figure out what happened and realize that I’m being a willing viewer of a commercial for a product that I never thought I needed. What’s that all about?

I think it’s less what the product is and more who’s telling me about it.  When Billy Mays was still alive, I truly admired the guy.  He seemed to bring a lot to the table for these products and he wasn’t the only one.  He teamed up with Anthony “Sully” Sullivan, another pitch-pro, to create the Continue reading

Trainer Confidence. Get it!

This episode we cover Trainer Confidence by exploring a visualization exercise and the Six Golden Rules to overcoming performance anxiety.

We discuss anticipating issues as a way of eliminating anxiety.  We look at three different aspects of this: Technical Issues, Challenging Learners, and Tough Questions.

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