TBF027 – Curiostiy & Gamifailure

In this weeks podcast I cover the article that I wrote on Curiosity and another that I wrote 27about some of my early and misguided attempts at gamification plus another article that I saw on Lifehacker about study habits that aren’t working.

The curiosty artcle covers, in a vauge way, the power of curiosty.  It also provides a bit of guideance that you can use to apply it in whatever your situation is.  Here is the link for the Southern Comfort commercial that I thought did a great job using the curiosity gap. Give it a click.

The gamification article covers two attemps at gamification methods in my previous retail career.  Both failures but for different reasons!


“Organic Grunge”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


TBF005 – Self Awareness. Take a good, hard look at yourself.

This week we explore Self Awareness and the importance of it for educators.

The first thing that we discuss is the Johari Window and it’s importance for self exploration. We also look at a few things you can do to share a bit of yourself with other which, of course, leads to better relationships. Here’s a link to the wikipedia article for JoHari Windows.  And here is another that I found as part of a slide presentation. Continue reading