Where do you put your hands?

This is a serious question! When in front of a group of people you need to appear relaxed and confident in order to gain their trust.  Placing them on the podium in front of you is not an option if you want to keep your group engaged.  I’m guilty of one hand stuck in the pocket and the other gesturing wildly, too.  I’m not proud of it but it’s something that we all have to get past in our own way.  I was lucky enough to attend a session on facilitation and this topic came up. Continue reading

Your Training Body

There are a bunch of good ways to be comfortable in front of a crowd. For some this comes very easily, for others, less so.  I won’t be digging into the psychology and self-confidence part of it in this post.  Instead of looking into the mind, I’ll be looking at the body.  How should you prepare your body to speak in front of a group if you aren’t used it? Continue reading

TBF004 – Role Play. The kind you can research on your work computer.

In this episode we talk about about why you want to incorporate role plays into your class or training session.

We take a brief look at how war is related to role play and why I feel comedy is overlooked at award season.

We discuss how the Kolb Learning Styles Inventory

works in relation to Role Play.  But for all you Kolb-ites out there, I promise we’ll look at it more indepth in a future podcast.  Here’s the link to one of many sources, it’s the Business Balls one.

Continue reading