Seven Lessons I’ve Learned about Podcasting

Question EyeHaving just released my 50th podcast, I’m experiencing a mix of pride, mild disappointment and a dash of hope.  It’s a terrific accomplishment, but like a lot of training initiatives, I can’t really pin down an actual return on investment. I know there are a whole slew of intangible outcomes and benefits, but if this where a business, that wouldn’t fly.  When I started TBF nearly three years ago I had a bunch of stuff written on paper mostly wild ideas and hopes. Not dissimilar like plans you make to start a business together when drinking with a buddy.

This year I decided to treat TBF like an experiment where I was an unknowing participant.  My approach for the rest of 2015 will be some (more) trial and error, but Continue reading

ATR2020 Mic Stand Adapter


I recently wanted to up my podcasting and voice-over game so I purchased an Audio

Technica ATR 2020 UBS microphone off of Amazon.  At the checkout it gave me the “often purchased with this item is….” and linked to a studio microphone stand and pop filter.  “Go big or go home!” I said loudly, and purchased them.  When they showed up on my door step I tore open the boxes and had a look at my loot.

I was immediately dissappointed when I saw that the microphone did not naturally fit onto the stand.  It came with a little desktop tripod thingy but that wasn’t going to cut it.  I went to Home Depot and found a solution for $1.71. Continue reading