What’s in a name?

When I originally started putting things on paper for the podcast I was really troubled over what to name it.  I thought I had some real gems. “See Jack Learn” was my personal favorite.  Behaviour based learning objectives have a visual aspect to them.  It plays on the “See Spot Run” books, leaning towards a slight nostalgia angle but also a very formative time in all of our lives, early childhood.

I tested it in some surveys and it do not test well.  Not at all.  Ultimately, I took Continue reading

TBF004 – Role Play. The kind you can research on your work computer.

In this episode we talk about about why you want to incorporate role plays into your class or training session.

We take a brief look at how war is related to role play and why I feel comedy is overlooked at award season.

We discuss how the Kolb Learning Styles Inventory

works in relation to Role Play.  But for all you Kolb-ites out there, I promise we’ll look at it more indepth in a future podcast.  Here’s the link to one of many sources, it’s the Business Balls one.

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TBF003 – The Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluation, pretty good stuff.

This weeks episode examined the Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluation!

The objective for the show:  For the listeners to be able to discuss the 4 levels of the Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluation as listed on the Kirkpatrick org website and list one criticism.

The Four levels are as follows: Reaction, Learning, Behavior, and lastly….Results! Continue reading



I just recorded the second episode and I think it turned out alright.  I went out the the local Guitar Center and picked up some acoustic foam.  I created a small box that my microphone goes into, which is a whole lot more affordable than covering a whole room with the stuff.  I think it makes a difference in the audio quality but there is always room for improvement.

Here’s where the idea came from: http://youtu.be/CV5Rl-IK-eo  Thanks Jake Ludington for the DIY!

Learning all the time!