Curiosity: Cat Killing & Learner Motivating

CuriosityI’m pretty sure I know why we’ve landed on the moon and what’s actually behind the ‘God-particle’.  I want to share it with you below.

I’ve written about music previously and the tremendous impact it can have on learning.   In the book “This Is Your Brain on Music:The Science of a Human Obsession” I heard (I listened to it in audio form) the author explain just one of the reasons that Stevie Wonders Superstition is so catchy.  Our brains look for patterns and during the short drum intro to Continue reading

5 Things We Learned at The School of Rock


Since I’ve started the podcast and blog I’ve looked at many things through new eyes and looked for opportunities to learn everywhere.

I’ve talked about using stories as an opportunity to improve learning through observing the hero’s journey (Episode 13) and I’ve talked about enhancing the learning experience through the use of music (Episode 15).  I was sure if I was willing to blur the lines between education and entertainment  I would find something that mixed both.  I found The School of Rock.

Really, I found it again as it had been a while since I’d seen it and, granted, Jack Black can be very, well, Jack Black, sometimes I kind of like that.   Continue reading

TBF015 – The Music Inside of You!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dave Collins, a modest but knowledgeable local sixth grade teacher.  What makes Dave standout from a classroom full of teachers is that Dave will often be seen with his guitar in hand.  Mr. Collins has been teaching full time for the last six year but he’s been playing guitar for the past 19 years. Continue reading