BYOD? Maybe it’s just me.

Bring your own device and mobile learning have a lot of potential but I think it comes with potential issues that may currently outweigh the benefits.

There are always unexpected applications of advanced technology. The application of the Microsoft Kinect for vascular surgery is certainly one. There are lot of great educational apps that can help children learn more and faster.  That’s fantastic! Truly. But we need to consider all of the angles for bringing mobile devices into the class room and the office.  They present two separate sets of issues. Continue reading

TBF011 – The Tin Can API. A Dialogue to Awesomeness.

We take a high level look at Project Tin Can and it’s parent organization, SCORM.

If you go back far enough you’ll find that Project Tin Can has some military roots flowing from the Dept of Defense to ADL to SCORM to Tin Can.  We’ve talked before about the high stakes that the military has with the success of its trainees and it would make sense that they have some interest in the cutting edge of education. Continue reading