TBF024 – 5 Engaging “Activities” & Learning Contracts

In episode we review a blog post that I wrote about turning classic board games and game

shows into training activities and then we talked about an article written about learning contracts plus some additional thoughts.

Five Engaging Activities from Your Favorite Board Games covers (shockingly) 5 different games you and your learners may already be familiar Continue reading


TBF007 – Truancy. Where you at?

In this episode we explore truancy and ways around it.

We start off by looking at an article from the Oakland Tribune about parents appearing in truancy courts.  Parents are getting fined when their kids don’t attend classes and this was news to me (I’ve lived a sheltered life).  My Carrot V. Stick thoughts on this were a little on the bleeding-hearted side.  I think we should look at ways to engage learners instead of punishment.  Punishment should be a last resort.

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