TBF043 – Storytelling Skill

Feed Image e43This entire episode looks at Doug Lipman’s book, Improving Your Stroytelling. He does a great job at providing techniques on how to get familiar with content. Along with creating (or discovering) story structure.

We touched on learner (listener) engagement as well.  This is getting a little more complicated as we incorporate technology but, it’s manageable.  I suppose that’s part of our job.  Thanks for listening!   -Dan


Learners Needs

heirarchyMaslows Heirachy of Needs refers to the needs of the body, mind and spirit.  Of all which
cannot be met in training session, to be sure, but it can give us a good idea about how to make learners as comfortable as possible.  The way we do this will be vary based on the delivery method; live, webinar, and elearning. Let’s start with the ugly one and get it over with. Continue reading

Four Ways Sushi Increases Learner Engagement



I recently saw the documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi .  If you haven’t seen it, the film is about a sushi chef in Japan.  This guy’s been making sushi for 70 years, and he’s got a restaurant that get’s booked months in advance.  It’s a cool story but the whole thing is in japanese.  Now, my japanese is a bit rusty but the good news is the whole movie has subtitles. About half way through the film I had a little training and development light come on for me. Continue reading

TBF033 – Gamificaton & Motivation

This episode brakes down what I think we can take away from Jetpack Joyride, a smart phone game.  Go ahead, roll your eyes, but it’s worth checking out.

We highlight a handful of things that could be implemented without too much effort and could motivate learners to explore their learning and working environments.  Plus we catch up, talk about the weather, how my parents are.  The usual.

“Organic Grunge”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Level Up, What We Can Learn From A Game On My Phone

Gamification is not a ‘cure all’ for your training woes but it’s not a placebo. I think it provides a lot of potential fun in work environment plus self direction for the learner as well. I downloaded Jetpack Joyride (JPJ)for my smart phone and I’ve logged more hours on it than I care to tell you. It’s a really fun and shockingly simple game. Educationally it’s gamification at it’s most useless, but I’d like to highlight some parallels and where we can take inspiration from it. A quick qualifier, I fully admit that these are not my ideas but as I discover them I like to connect the dots. 

Continue reading