TBF021 – The Value of Failure

We take a look at the value of failure this week.  I do a little sharing with my own personal failures and value that I took away from them.  We also look a couple exercises that you can do to find the value in your own personal short comings.

We start off by talking about an article that I read on Lifehacker, written by Thorin Klosowski. The article is about his To D’oh list.  It’s a pretty good way to look at instant review of errors. Continue reading


TBF020 – Learner Engagement & Lies

This week we examine a couple approaches into Learner Engagement and also review a blog post that I wrote this week.

The first thing that we look at is the blog post that I wrote called How getting caught in a lie can make you a better trainer.  It started off as a reflective exercise that I did to examine specifically why we remember some of those larger life lessons.  You know, the ones you parents teach you, often by force.  If you were interested in what you heard on the podcast please read the post, linked above. Continue reading


How getting caught in a lie can make you a better trainer.

When we look back on our lives and think about the major ‘lessons’ that we’ve learned, we probably think of life changing events.  Perhaps, once, we were a reckless driver and we survived a terrible accident.  Or maybe we tried to get away with something and got caught (lets go with taxes and keep this light…).  Maybe it was something as simple as a grandparent telling you stories of their mistakes from the past and why you should adopt certain life-philosophies.  As different as they maybe, these are the lessons that we remember when we look back on our lives. Continue reading