TBF048 – The Energy Bus

Feed Image e48The Energy Bus is a quick read and well worth it for that shot in the arm that helps you choose the right attitude when you want to take charge of your day.  By following the main character, George, the book’s author, Jon Gordon, lays out ten rules that will help you not only take charge of your life but also focus and energize your training sessions.

You want drama? Got it. You want vampires? Got it.  You want opinionated bus drivers, light bulb manufacturing, and vehicle maintenance? Got it, got it, and got it!

Seriously, the rules laid out in this book get give you a fresh perspective, a helping hand to better day, and a glass-half-full style training session.

Here’s a clip that will give you a better idea of how the book is presented.


TBF031 – BYOD & Workbook Design

This episode covers an update my application of Joseph Campbells Heros Journey (which I’ve probably brought up enough at this point), I share briefly my hesitation with trying to solve the worlds problems with BYOD and then wrap up by sharing my experiences with creating/designing an ebook for new trainers to learn course content.

I promised that I would provide a link to Tim Kuhlmann’s blog, The Rapid E-Learning Blog.

“Organic Grunge”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


TBF013 – Storytelling in eLearning.

Heads up!  I take a pretty good look at storytelling and then I dive into how it can be applied to elearning.  This is a geek-heavy episode, so be warned.

My stance is that we, as a species, have been telling stories for 40,000 plus years, and we’re still telling stories so why are we using them improve our elearning.   So where am I getting 40, 000 years from? Cave art.   Continue reading