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heirarchyMaslows Heirachy of Needs refers to the needs of the body, mind and spirit.  Of all which
cannot be met in training session, to be sure, but it can give us a good idea about how to make learners as comfortable as possible.  The way we do this will be vary based on the delivery method; live, webinar, and elearning. Let’s start with the ugly one and get it over with. Continue reading

TFB038 – Compliance Training… *sigh*

Thanks for tuning in for episode 38!  We covered some different material on approaches Untitled drawing (1)and opinions on mandatory compliance training.  The approach that is taken to legislated compliance training is flawed from the start and despite ways that it can be improved (as mentioned in the podcast) the powers that be are not interested in changing it.

Tom Kuhlmann, an elearning expert wrote this blog post that I refer to. He’s great! A real solid guy and was able to articulate his frustration over compliance training far more professionally than I was.

This article written by Brian McWalters exlpains in some high-level details how his team was able to create a successful compliance training elearning module.

Almost out of obligation, I refer to an article about student motivation written by Karin Kirk.  It seems appropriate given the content.

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Compliance Training: Babies, Bathwater & Bullshit

CLICK NEXTMany industries that serve the public are mandate that employees take a certain number of hour worth of training to satisfy regulatory requirements. The intent of this is, of course, to protect the public by educating that people that have control over their well being. I’m on board!  Who wouldn’t be?

You know what happens when a public institution gets their hands on a great idea?  It becomes a well intentioned, misguided waste of time and public funds. Continue reading

TBF019 – Filler Words, Online Engagement & Jack Black

This week’s podcast is a bit of a mash-up of my two blog posts this week and an article written by Andrew Dlugan at the Six Minutes website, and another written by Lisa B. Marshall from LisaBMarchall.com .

FIller Words – What the heck are they?  Um, ah, uh, like, etc.  You know them and everyone uses them.  Often when we hear someone who doesn’t use them , they might be under suspicion of being a alien or a robot. A few is fine, too many is a huge distraction.   I would really suggest you have a look at the above links but I’ll still give you the skinny below. Continue reading


TBF013 – Storytelling in eLearning.

Heads up!  I take a pretty good look at storytelling and then I dive into how it can be applied to elearning.  This is a geek-heavy episode, so be warned.

My stance is that we, as a species, have been telling stories for 40,000 plus years, and we’re still telling stories so why are we using them improve our elearning.   So where am I getting 40, 000 years from? Cave art.   Continue reading