TBF044 – Keep Looking Ahead

Feed Image e44Heads up, this episode is a little long and contains some mild censored language.

We look at the only way you can relate training to ebola (and it’s pretty thin). We also take a look at future-proofing yourself, and how comedian Andy Zaltzman is ahead of the curve when it comes to getting to know your audience.

All that ebola talk was inspired by two sites.



Here’s an NPR spot about the miracle that is the slide rule: http://www.npr.org/blogs/ed/2014/10/22/356937347/the-slide-rule-a-computing-device-that-put-a-man-on-the-moon



ATR2020 Mic Stand Adapter


I recently wanted to up my podcasting and voice-over game so I purchased an Audio

Technica ATR 2020 UBS microphone off of Amazon.  At the checkout it gave me the “often purchased with this item is….” and linked to a studio microphone stand and pop filter.  “Go big or go home!” I said loudly, and purchased them.  When they showed up on my door step I tore open the boxes and had a look at my loot.

I was immediately dissappointed when I saw that the microphone did not naturally fit onto the stand.  It came with a little desktop tripod thingy but that wasn’t going to cut it.  I went to Home Depot and found a solution for $1.71. Continue reading


I just recorded the second episode and I think it turned out alright.  I went out the the local Guitar Center and picked up some acoustic foam.  I created a small box that my microphone goes into, which is a whole lot more affordable than covering a whole room with the stuff.  I think it makes a difference in the audio quality but there is always room for improvement.

Here’s where the idea came from: http://youtu.be/CV5Rl-IK-eo  Thanks Jake Ludington for the DIY!

Learning all the time!