TBF049 – Entertaining and Informative

Feed image 49In this episode we look at different things we can pull from media that satisfies both entertaining and informative needs.

Some of my favourite content as a kid came from Science Court and Recess. A lot of story-based science lessons and morality and political science lessons.  I would be remiss if I didn’t bring up Bill Nye and his gonzo contemporary colleague Beakman, from Beakman’ s World.

As an adult, Alton Brown brings the same element of entertainment to kitchen science.

I think one of the best possible applications is from the colour commentary that can be seen in the sport world or the colour-ful commentary seen on Mystery Science Theater 3000. The biggest contribution here is a second voice to keep it a bit more lively.

As always, thank you for downloading!


TBF015 – The Music Inside of You!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dave Collins, a modest but knowledgeable local sixth grade teacher.  What makes Dave standout from a classroom full of teachers is that Dave will often be seen with his guitar in hand.  Mr. Collins has been teaching full time for the last six year but he’s been playing guitar for the past 19 years. Continue reading