TBF042 – Where you at, boo?

Why aren’t kids going to school in Detroit? This Detroit Free Press article got my wheels turning about the efforts currently being taken to have kids show up on time, or at all. The Attendance Works organization has a number of documents and resources that teachers can use to try to get more kids to show up.

Gamification is certainly an option. This article from HRMS looked at the a few ways to get adults to show up for their work, but this wasn’t a perfect fit.

For my money it’s convincing kids that delayed gratification has value, even if it’s not popular in today’s society.  This article by James Clear gives us a few good ideas but learner contracts are not a bad way to go either.

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TBF007 – Truancy. Where you at?

In this episode we explore truancy and ways around it.

We start off by looking at an article from the Oakland Tribune about parents appearing in truancy courts.  Parents are getting fined when their kids don’t attend classes and this was news to me (I’ve lived a sheltered life).  My Carrot V. Stick thoughts on this were a little on the bleeding-hearted side.  I think we should look at ways to engage learners instead of punishment.  Punishment should be a last resort.

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