TBF047 – Design Matters

Feed Image e47Design matters! I’m only starting to really dig into it, but it seems like it comes only second to content.

In this episode we cover:

  1. This article from The Muse about resume design.
  2. The documentary, Objectified.
  3. And this is the MOOC I signed up for at Udacity, Design 101. So far I have no complaints.  Seems good.  I’ll keep you posted.

TBF046 – Presentation Skills 101

Feed Image e46Here is the quick and dirty break-down of what I cover in episode 46, which looks exclusively at presentation skills:

  • Presenting vs training
  • calming your nerves, without booze
  • voice control, how much is too much
  • face control?
  • hands/body language
  • filler words, don’t use them
  • know your content, a bunch
  • troubleshooting

Thanks for listening!


TBF045 – Looking back and talking feedback

Feed Image e45 (1)Ladies and gentlemen, here is episode 45.  We take a look at the 2014 State of the Industry infographic that ATD published on their Facebook page.  I have to say, we go down the ‘Mandatory Compliance Training’ rabbit hole.  After two takes and good bit of editing, I’d say it safe for publishing.  Compliance training is one of those things that…oh man…it get’s to me.

We also touch on a cool video I saw posted to Lifehacker’s website.  This fella, Aaron Draplin, is a logo designer and he walks through some of his process and I pull an idea or two from it.

I mention the good guys at Manager Tools, who give a ton of great advice for all things management. I highlight a couple different feedback models that might be useful.

Thanks for a great 2014!


TBF044 – Keep Looking Ahead

Feed Image e44Heads up, this episode is a little long and contains some mild censored language.

We look at the only way you can relate training to ebola (and it’s pretty thin). We also take a look at future-proofing yourself, and how comedian Andy Zaltzman is ahead of the curve when it comes to getting to know your audience.

All that ebola talk was inspired by two sites.



Here’s an NPR spot about the miracle that is the slide rule: http://www.npr.org/blogs/ed/2014/10/22/356937347/the-slide-rule-a-computing-device-that-put-a-man-on-the-moon



Look Out For #1

ebolaIn October ebola took the United States by storm. Well, no.  That’s not quite right.  In October one man sucumbed to the disease while the media filled the headlines with sensationalist click-bait bullshit to terrify people.  Somehow, through all of the fog and subterfuge, the topic of training surfaced.

First off, one death is too many to have on the continent.  Secondly, I don’t want to minimize the risk that hospital staff experience on a daily basis. Having said that, I do have some thoughts. Continue reading