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We started off with a story that took place in Troy, Michigan about a library that was scheduled to close without a little more funding.  Check out the episode or jump to the link to see/hear how it went. The video was created by Leo Burnett’s advertising agency but the campaign was executed by local efforts.

In this show I had a chance to interview Lauren Jessop, a Consultant Librarian in Alberta. We discussed several things including a published debate she took part in about library fines, should we, shouldn’t we?  Find the article here.  We also explore the secret lives of librarians.  As it turns out it’s not all stamping check-out cards and reading stories aloud.  What does a Library Sciences degree entail? Have a listen and find out.  Mrs.Jessop also tells us about some different formats that their training looks like including a video conference training initiative called ‘Coffee Break Sessions’.  Was it a good interview? You better believe it.

We also talk about an article by Dr. Steve Matthews. We explored some of the issues that today’s librarians have to deal with. They include, but are not limited to:

  • a broad spectrum of customers
  • computerization of libraries
  • increased digital content

He talks about IBM’s Watson which can answer a conversational question.  Can you imagine if Watson and Apples’ Siri got together?  Yikes!  I hate to bring up the singularity again but let’s make sure that doesn’t happen!

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