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I’ve recently had the rare opportunity to keep my job. Layoffs are an inevitability.

As a trainer, most often your main objective it to cause a change in behaviour.   Lots of ways to accomplish it, you just have to get there.  Regardless of whether we get cut or don’t, it’s in our best interest to keep up to date.

Our society changes so quickly that lots of professions are updating their tools or methods and it’s important to stay (at least) on top of the curve.  We’ve all seen, heard or know a person who has adopted an anti-technology philosophy and they’ve philosophized their way right out of a job.

I’m not saying you have to go out and get your masters degree, but by taking a few classes here and there, you keep some skill limber and sharpen a few others. I’ve made it my goal to take at least two online courses or MOOCs this year. I’ve signed up for a class on gamification and who know what my interests are going to be in a few months so I’ll make a determination then.   Oh, and you can do it for free, too.  Check out some of these links below to find a free course that you’ll enjoy and benefit from. Good luck out there.


I have personal experience with this one.  Easy to navigate, enjoyable to use.

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT for god’s sake!  As seen in the feature film, 21.

Red Hoop

I found this one on here.  It’s a search engine specifically for free or inexpensive online courses.


This is a collection of MOOCs (massively open online course).  Scroll down the home page to see the categories by discipline.

Elite Schools’ Free Classes

This is a list of some elite universities and their free courseware.

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