How to not get sued!

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I’ve never been sued [*knocks on wood*] and I don’t care to.  Most people and companies feel the same way.  I’m sure if there were a certain set of rules that they could teach their employees to assist in prevent getting sued, they would.

Wait a sec!  They do! Sort of…

Compliance training is something that everyone has to do but no one is excited about and I can’t fiure out why.  I guess no one is really excited to go get a phyical (or at least they shouldn’t be…) and I can’t think of a single kid that runs to brush their teeth at bedtime but these things are equally important.  If they are important why don’t we treat them that way?

They don’t see the value of the activity.  Just ‘telling’ someone something has never really been that effective.  As trainers we know this. As teachers we know this.  Parents…well, they can provide a bit more incentive to eating veggies, but if we act like something is important than the learners will too. WIIFM may be an answer.  We can encourage people to do great things when they see the tangible impact it can have on their life.

Make the message relatable! Episode 17 of the podcasts was mostly about Made to Stick by Dan & Chip Heath.  Epic book. (Go buy it. Now.)  One of the six elements of ‘stickiness’ was making the message concrete and relatable.  Don’t use pie-in-the-sky language. “If we fail to adhear to the above listed regulations we may be subject to litigation” vs “Without a firm understanding of all these rules you run the risk of losing your job, having to explain that to your spouse, your parents and friends and the next five job interviewers you have the fortune of talking to.”  Now we have their attention.

If you think that I’m taking this too seriously, than eating vegetables isn’t important. If we can make other training successful than why not compliance?

What we need to do is the same as all other training we try to create.  Highlight the value, make it engaging, make it memorable.  I know what you’re saying, “Dan, I know compliance training is successful because the learner has to agree at the end and answer a three question quiz. C’mon!”  It’s successful in the same way that I was successful in Grade 5 French.  I did it, I forgot it and that is the end of it.

We need to do the same thing that we do with the rest of our training.  Highlight the value, make it engaging, make it impactful.

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