TBF050 – Clark Quinn’s Revolutionize L and D

Ladies and gentlemen! Episode Fifty! C’mon….act a little impressed, would ya?

I’m happy to say that this is the review I’ve been wanting to do of Clark Quinn’s Revolutionize Learning and Development.

Quinn is a sharp cat.  He spends a chunk at the start of the book looking at the industry shortfalls and then goes into some big thinking on how company structure needs to change. This feels like the kind of book that you read at various stations of your career to pull different pieces out of it.

I’m just doing my part to help in the revolution.  Now it’s on you.  VIVA!

Thanks for listening!


TBF049 – Entertaining and Informative

Feed image 49In this episode we look at different things we can pull from media that satisfies both entertaining and informative needs.

Some of my favourite content as a kid came from Science Court and Recess. A lot of story-based science lessons and morality and political science lessons.  I would be remiss if I didn’t bring up Bill Nye and his gonzo contemporary colleague Beakman, from Beakman’ s World.

As an adult, Alton Brown brings the same element of entertainment to kitchen science.

I think one of the best possible applications is from the colour commentary that can be seen in the sport world or the colour-ful commentary seen on Mystery Science Theater 3000. The biggest contribution here is a second voice to keep it a bit more lively.

As always, thank you for downloading!


TBF048 – The Energy Bus

Feed Image e48The Energy Bus is a quick read and well worth it for that shot in the arm that helps you choose the right attitude when you want to take charge of your day.  By following the main character, George, the book’s author, Jon Gordon, lays out ten rules that will help you not only take charge of your life but also focus and energize your training sessions.

You want drama? Got it. You want vampires? Got it.  You want opinionated bus drivers, light bulb manufacturing, and vehicle maintenance? Got it, got it, and got it!

Seriously, the rules laid out in this book get give you a fresh perspective, a helping hand to better day, and a glass-half-full style training session.

Here’s a clip that will give you a better idea of how the book is presented.


TBF047 – Design Matters

Feed Image e47Design matters! I’m only starting to really dig into it, but it seems like it comes only second to content.

In this episode we cover:

  1. This article from The Muse about resume design.
  2. The documentary, Objectified.
  3. And this is the MOOC I signed up for at Udacity, Design 101. So far I have no complaints.  Seems good.  I’ll keep you posted.

TBF046 – Presentation Skills 101

Feed Image e46Here is the quick and dirty break-down of what I cover in episode 46, which looks exclusively at presentation skills:

  • Presenting vs training
  • calming your nerves, without booze
  • voice control, how much is too much
  • face control?
  • hands/body language
  • filler words, don’t use them
  • know your content, a bunch
  • troubleshooting

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