actual lessons learned from clickbait. seriously.

Untitled drawingOn principle alone, I am against clickbait headlines.

I did, however, see potential in way that these headlines generate clicks. They cause users to click these links, often times against their better judgement. On the other side of the spectrum, people often need to be directed to attend training.

David Godsall, from the Hootsuite blog, had a pretty good breakdown of how the tempting headlines are structured and it starts off with a curiosity gap.  Learners who attend training usually need to have identified a gap in the Continue reading

Seven Lessons I’ve Learned about Podcasting

Question EyeHaving just released my 50th podcast, I’m experiencing a mix of pride, mild disappointment and a dash of hope.  It’s a terrific accomplishment, but like a lot of training initiatives, I can’t really pin down an actual return on investment. I know there are a whole slew of intangible outcomes and benefits, but if this where a business, that wouldn’t fly.  When I started TBF nearly three years ago I had a bunch of stuff written on paper mostly wild ideas and hopes. Not dissimilar like plans you make to start a business together when drinking with a buddy.

This year I decided to treat TBF like an experiment where I was an unknowing participant.  My approach for the rest of 2015 will be some (more) trial and error, but Continue reading

Look Out For #1

ebolaIn October ebola took the United States by storm. Well, no.  That’s not quite right.  In October one man sucumbed to the disease while the media filled the headlines with sensationalist click-bait bullshit to terrify people.  Somehow, through all of the fog and subterfuge, the topic of training surfaced.

First off, one death is too many to have on the continent.  Secondly, I don’t want to minimize the risk that hospital staff experience on a daily basis. Having said that, I do have some thoughts. Continue reading

Future-Proofing, The Old School Way

STAND OUTMy father recently celebrated his 65th birthday.  He’s not one for parties and he already has everything he wants in life.  (He’s still holding out for a sports car but I’ll let him take care of that.) So what do you get the man that has everything? I ended up finding a slide rule in an antique store and it seemed to fit. He’s kind of old school.

This slide rule was old as the hills but it still worked. It didn’t need to be plugged in or charged.  It’s accomplishments in human history Continue reading

Pecha-Kucha: The Haiku of the Presentation World

pechakuchaI heard someone talking about a Pecha-Kucha the other day and I had no idea what they were talking about. They referred to someone giving a presentation and how this seems to be catching on. Not one to be left out of the loop, I went searching for it.

Pecha-Kucha is a rigidly structured presentation format that contains 20 slides or images, each lasting 20 seconds (20×20). The format created by partners of an architecture & design firm. More info can be found here: Continue reading