ATR2020 Mic Stand Adapter

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I recently wanted to up my podcasting and voice-over game so I purchased an Audio

Technica ATR 2020 UBS microphone off of Amazon.  At the checkout it gave me the “often purchased with this item is….” and linked to a studio microphone stand and pop filter.  “Go big or go home!” I said loudly, and purchased them.  When they showed up on my door step I tore open the boxes and had a look at my loot.

I was immediately dissappointed when I saw that the microphone did not naturally fit onto the stand.  It came with a little desktop tripod thingy but that wasn’t going to cut it.  I went to Home Depot and found a solution for $1.71.


To the right is an image of the threads for both the mic stand and the little tripod that came with the mic.  As you can tell they aren’t going to happen.






Here was my solution.  I took the little tripod to Home Depot and started cruising the hardware aisle.  I wasn’t sure what I’d come up with but I know I’d find something.  Given that the threads from the mic stand were too fine (thus non-hardware related), an adapter was out.

It didn’t take long to find out that it was 3/8 coarse thread.  The long bolt was $1.38 and the two nuts were 12 cents each. Duct tape and zip ties I had on hand.




I covered the bolt with tape and made sure that I had kept the exposed piece about the same lenght as the original mini tripod. The tape protected the actual mic stand from scratches, provided friction for the bolt so it wouldn’t wiggle around, and made it look a whole lot better.  After this image I used one more piece of tape to cover the rest behind the sencond bolt.

Below is the final product. I’m not saying it gorgeous but it certainly does the job. Cheap, quick, effecient.


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