TBF047 – Design Matters

Feed Image e47Design matters! I’m only starting to really dig into it, but it seems like it comes only second to content.

In this episode we cover:

  1. This article from The Muse about resume design.
  2. The documentary, Objectified.
  3. And this is the MOOC I signed up for at Udacity, Design 101. So far I have no complaints.  Seems good.  I’ll keep you posted.

TBF046 – Presentation Skills 101

Feed Image e46Here is the quick and dirty break-down of what I cover in episode 46, which looks exclusively at presentation skills:

  • Presenting vs training
  • calming your nerves, without booze
  • voice control, how much is too much
  • face control?
  • hands/body language
  • filler words, don’t use them
  • know your content, a bunch
  • troubleshooting

Thanks for listening!