Future-Proofing, The Old School Way

STAND OUTMy father recently celebrated his 65th birthday.  He’s not one for parties and he already has everything he wants in life.  (He’s still holding out for a sports car but I’ll let him take care of that.) So what do you get the man that has everything? I ended up finding a slide rule in an antique store and it seemed to fit. He’s kind of old school.

This slide rule was old as the hills but it still worked. It didn’t need to be plugged in or charged.  It’s accomplishments in human history Continue reading

TBF043 – Storytelling Skill

Feed Image e43This entire episode looks at Doug Lipman’s book, Improving Your Stroytelling. He does a great job at providing techniques on how to get familiar with content. Along with creating (or discovering) story structure.

We touched on learner (listener) engagement as well.  This is getting a little more complicated as we incorporate technology but, it’s manageable.  I suppose that’s part of our job.  Thanks for listening!   -Dan