TBF041 – Be Your Own Boss

episode 41Episode 41 piggy-backs off of my interview with Theresa Kratofil in Episode 39.  We explored a bit of her journey as an independent contractor but I still had some questions so I started digging around.

I found a few articles that provided some suggestions on how to position yourself so your business gets off on the right foot. 8 Tips I Wish I Had Received Before I Started a Training Business was the first of two Training Zone articles. The second was Nine Things You Must do Before Starting Your Own Training Business.  So there’s seventeen things you should do.

But if you’re looking for more here’s 10 Things You Must Do When Starting Your Training Company. So that’s 27 things, all in.

But wait! There’s more!

I mentioned a Forbes article about working for free to get a job.

The three big themes that I found were differentiation, networking, and good, old fashioned   hard work. The Inc.com article with 3 Ways to Differentiate Your Business from the Competition can be found in that link. But then, of course, there was the Harvard Business Review that says you don’t really need differentiation.  They say you should lean heavier on building your network, and that what this article helps you with; 8 Steal-Worthy Sectrets of Power Networkers.

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