TBF035 – Objectives, The Redux

Hello all you tenacious trainers!  This episode is found at http://www.trainingbyfire.com/035/ and it looks at two main items.  The first being trainer evaluation and self-evaluation.  Mostly, I’m working on a form that will be suitable for different types of evaluation.  The other piece that we look at is how to retrofit objective statements to content that wasn’t built with them.  What that all about, eh?

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“Organic Grunge”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


The Retrofit Conundrum

Sometimes you need to find a solution to a problem.  A quick fix.  It might not be pretty you might be able to find something on a shelf or in a drawer from a previous project that will work.  You might have a file down a few ridges or drill a new hole here or there, but it will work.  You’ve just retrofitted an exterior security door to your fridge!  Congrats! Continue reading

Trainer Evaluation Forms

How does your company or group certify or graduate trainers on new content or classes. Train the Trainer (TtT or T3, or whatever) really varies from group to group.  Do you include other elements?  Is there a test to be written or a report to be given?  Or is it as simple as checking if the trainer can follow the bouncing ball in the current presentation? Continue reading