TBF024 – 5 Engaging “Activities” & Learning Contracts

In episode we review a blog post that I wrote about turning classic board games and game

shows into training activities and then we talked about an article written about learning contracts plus some additional thoughts.

Five Engaging Activities from Your Favorite Board Games covers (shockingly) 5 different games you and your learners may already be familiar Continue reading


Five Engaging Exercises From Your Favorite Board Games

We are forced to keep it interesting.  It’s part of the job.  People enter our training rooms and classrooms to learn and we need to keep them engaged and there are a ton of well reasoned, scientific reasons for that and I won’t be going into them in this article.  I will, however, be discussing a few ways that you can use your previous experience to build activities to keep people engaged in the content and in your sessions.

I’ll be discussing five different games that you have played as a child or an adult and how you can spin them into an engaging activity for your training session. Continue reading

The Value of Debates in Learning

There are varying degrees of truth that we discover in our lives.  Usually the more we learn, the less we know.  As we learn more about the many sides of an issue our convictions gets less intense.  As you dig into the numbers and the facts, you might learn that something that you thought was foolish may actually impact someone close to you or even yourself.  So the value of shedding light on the various sides of an issue for the sake of learning and growing is tremendous.

Two quick things that I want to get out of the way.  The first item is that political debates are not what I’m talking about. Continue reading

Motivation. The Right Stuff.

Why is it that certain people end up as trainers?  Some people seek this position out but other come to it accidentally.  What attributes are essential to be a trainer? Is someone born a trainer or do they become one?

Let’s first explore a skill set. Trainers need to be problem solvers, mindful of others, self-aware, and friendly, among other things.  Some of these characteristics are traits that we acquire as we grow and others can be easily learned.  I think I should say fate is garbage.   I’m of the opinion that if we want something and we are willing to put in the time and Continue reading