Apples Training Manual Leaked

A leaked copy of the Apple Genius Training manual found its way into the hands of Sam Biddle, writter for, the gadget and tech website.  I’ve read through the article  while I haven’t revised my thoughts on the Apple Empire, I think it’s pretty interesting to get a glimpse into such a private company.

It would seem that Apple has a two week course that indoctrinates new employees in the lessons about navigating any customer situation.  Normally I’m not super excited about Apple.  While I do find there products fairly intuitive and even sexy, on occasion Continue reading

TBF015 – The Music Inside of You!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dave Collins, a modest but knowledgeable local sixth grade teacher.  What makes Dave standout from a classroom full of teachers is that Dave will often be seen with his guitar in hand.  Mr. Collins has been teaching full time for the last six year but he’s been playing guitar for the past 19 years. Continue reading


TBF014 – Collaborative Learning! Fun for everyone!

In this episode we take a look at five different collaborative learning techniques and how you can use them in your learning events.  We also have a peak at a few social media platforms and how your learners, and yourself can use them to enhance their learning experience.

The Jigsaw learning technique is a great way to increase the engagement of your learners, whether they’re kids or adults.   Continue reading


TBF013 – Storytelling in eLearning.

Heads up!  I take a pretty good look at storytelling and then I dive into how it can be applied to elearning.  This is a geek-heavy episode, so be warned.

My stance is that we, as a species, have been telling stories for 40,000 plus years, and we’re still telling stories so why are we using them improve our elearning.   So where am I getting 40, 000 years from? Cave art.   Continue reading


TBF012 – Universal Design. Everyone play nice!

We explore the history of Universal design.

Timothy Nugent, Director of Rehabilitation at University of Illinois, worked with WWII veterans who came back from the war with less limbs than they went with.  I think we can all agree, noble work.  In 1949 he starts researching how we can make the world accessible to people that have disabilities.  That same year, working with a student group from U of I he spear heads the first ever National Wheelchair Basketball Association.

At this point, if you aren’t impressed with Tim Nugent, you have no soul. Continue reading