TBF007 – Truancy. Where you at?

In this episode we explore truancy and ways around it.

We start off by looking at an article from the Oakland Tribune about parents appearing in truancy courts.  Parents are getting fined when their kids don’t attend classes and this was news to me (I’ve lived a sheltered life).  My Carrot V. Stick thoughts on this were a little on the bleeding-hearted side.  I think we should look at ways to engage learners instead of punishment.  Punishment should be a last resort.

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Libraries. Fighting the good fight.

We started off with a story that took place in Troy, Michigan about a library that was scheduled to close without a little more funding.  Check out the episode or jump to the link to see/hear how it went. The video was created by Leo Burnett’s advertising agency but the campaign was executed by local efforts.

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What’s in a name?

When I originally started putting things on paper for the podcast I was really troubled over what to name it.  I thought I had some real gems. “See Jack Learn” was my personal favorite.  Behaviour based learning objectives have a visual aspect to them.  It plays on the “See Spot Run” books, leaning towards a slight nostalgia angle but also a very formative time in all of our lives, early childhood.

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TBF005 – Self Awareness. Take a good, hard look at yourself.

This week we explore Self Awareness and the importance of it for educators.

The first thing that we discuss is the Johari Window and it’s importance for self exploration. We also look at a few things you can do to share a bit of yourself with other which, of course, leads to better relationships. Here’s a link to the wikipedia article for JoHari Windows.  And here is another that I found as part of a slide presentation. Continue reading


TBF004 – Role Play. The kind you can research on your work computer.

In this episode we talk about about why you want to incorporate role plays into your class or training session.

We take a brief look at how war is related to role play and why I feel comedy is overlooked at award season.

We discuss how the Kolb Learning Styles Inventory

works in relation to Role Play.  But for all you Kolb-ites out there, I promise we’ll look at it more indepth in a future podcast.  Here’s the link to one of many sources, it’s the Business Balls one.

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