TBF021 – The Value of Failure

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We take a look at the value of failure this week.  I do a little sharing with my own personal failures and value that I took away from them.  We also look a couple exercises that you can do to find the value in your own personal short comings.

We start off by talking about an article that I read on Lifehacker, written by Thorin Klosowski. The article is about his To D’oh list.  It’s a pretty good way to look at instant review of errors.

We move right along to the article written by John Caddle.  He give us a 1 to 2 hour exercise for looking at our failures, digging into why they happened and next steps that we can do to resolve them.

Then I use my blog post from earlier in the week called Fail is the New Win to dance around the idea of failure and get into a few more areas that I was interested in.  We touch briefly on:

  • gamification
  • self awareness
  • football
  • learner comfort
  • roleplay

For more, check out the podcast!

Thanks a bunch, Dan.

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