TBF020 – Learner Engagement & Lies

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This week we examine a couple approaches into Learner Engagement and also review a blog post that I wrote this week.

The first thing that we look at is the blog post that I wrote called How getting caught in a lie can make you a better trainer.  It started off as a reflective exercise that I did to examine specifically why we remember some of those larger life lessons.  You know, the ones you parents teach you, often by force.  If you were interested in what you heard on the podcast please read the post, linked above.

Then we looked at a very brief article written by Dale Kirke called Employee Engagement: Impact of Learning and Development . It justifies the use of training as a way to engage employees, even in a rough economy.

Then we moved right on to the Three Dimensions of Engagement from the Student Engagement – Teacher Handbook, written by Richard Jones, PhD.  This takes an interesting and analytic look at maintaining student engagement.

Lastly we looked at the Four Levels of Employee Engagement by Mitch McCrimmon. This takes a pretty in-depth look at the different levels of employee engagement, and I try to apply it to training with some mild success.

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