TBF016 – 5 Free Apps Every Trainer Should Have!

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There seem to be a ton of Apps for teachers.  Math apps, colouring (Canadian spelling) apps, attendance apps…but what about trainers?  Albeit trainers have a different roomful of learners to look after but there are a few apps that would enhance our job.  I’m not saying that you’ll be able to sit back and kick your feet up, but I am saying that there are a few apps that can make things a bit more effective.

I looked at a few different categories.  Timers, Cloud Storage, Image Capture, Music, and Voice Recording.  All of the Apps I review or suggest are the free versions (since I’m not made of money) but many of them have paid versions that offer more features or are not ad-supported.  I have no problem with Ad Supported products.  People have to eat, ‘free’ makes that a little harder but Ads take care of that.  In most cases I looked at several apps for each function, for all the details listen to the episode.

Timers – StopWatch & Timer has a nice big display and both count down and count up features.  It keeps your display on so you can see where you are, time-wise.  Also reviewed in the podcast, Tick! (timer) .

Presentation Remote Controls – I looked at three different Remote Apps for using with PowerPoint.  I couldn’t get any of them to work.  Granted I didn’t spend a lot of time working to figure them out, but either way, just buy a presentation clicker with extra batteries and be done with it.

Cloud Storage – I looked at Google Drive, DropBox and Box.  All of them have great features but I think DropBox gets the win.  I say that sadly because I use the heck out of Google, but when it comes to collaboration, Google Drive requires a Google Account, the others can be shared with anyone.  The reason DropBox takes the win is because they were on the scene first and have a ton of subscribers, so odds are people who you’ll be collaborating with will already have DropBox.

Image Capture – I looked at one, and only one. CamScanner is so good I can’t even tell you.  It will take any text image you take and crop it and auto adjust it for clarity so you can share it instantly across the room, or across the planet.  It’s awesome.

Music – If you’ve got access to wifi (and you live in the USA…) Pandora is amazing for setting the mood it you’re trying to relax or energize.  But to give you more control I would say that Google Play Music is where it’s at.  You can use playlists or download songs on the spot.

Lastly, Voice Recorders – Great for on the spot memos, especially if you aren’t able to write something down.  I looked at Tape-A-Talk Voice Recorder, Easy Voice Recorder, Voice Recorder and EverNote. Easy Voice Recorder has great sound quality, WAV files and a great interface.  It is a clear winner for me.

An honorable mention goes to EverNote.  It has a ton of functionality and voice recording is only a part of it.  Also worth checking out.

I hope these help you get a bit more out of your training sessions!

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