TBF015 – The Music Inside of You!

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I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dave Collins, a modest but knowledgeable local sixth grade teacher.  What makes Dave standout from a classroom full of teachers is that Dave will often be seen with his guitar in hand.  Mr. Collins has been teaching full time for the last six year but he’s been playing guitar for the past 19 years.  In the interview we explore how music has impacted him as an educator and how it has helped his students.  He is someone who has chosen to use his powers for good, and not evil.

We look at using songs learners are already familiar with to layer on additional information. Bill Nye (Yeah, The Science Guy) made an art of this on his educational kid show from the 90’s.  Here is a cover of Spoonman by Sound Garden and Let’s Talk About Sex by Salt ‘n’ Pepa.  This phenomenon is looked at by Chip and Dan Heath in their book Made to Stick as a tremendous tool to get learners to retain information.

We also talk about an article written by Seth Porges about why Karaoke should be mandatory in business school.  It’s a genius article.  He says that karaoke gives people the power to get up infront of a crowd and present…anything!  Check it out.

Editorial Note:  The Provinces song that Dave plays in the podcast is not solely his creation.  The music itself is Blues in ‘E’, but the lyrics were something that was inspired by another Canadian teacher.  For the sake of the lesson essentials Dave ended up removing most of the lyrics and just sticking to the provinces themselves.  After a bit a research neither he or I were able to find the original, but just know that he was singing from the shoulders of another, much like the rest of us.

“Organic Grunge”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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