TBF014 – Collaborative Learning! Fun for everyone!

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In this episode we take a look at five different collaborative learning techniques and how you can use them in your learning events.  We also have a peak at a few social media platforms and how your learners, and yourself can use them to enhance their learning experience.

The Jigsaw learning technique is a great way to increase the engagement of your learners, whether they’re kids or adults.  Split everyone into groups of 5-ish, have them learn something, put them into a second set of groups where each of the original groups is represented and then have teach each other what they learners.  It awesome!

Debates!  Make sure your learners have a chance to prepare the material before thrusting them into a debate scenario.  Otherwise you’ll miss out on much more impactful learning. Plus, it’s rude.  Don’t do it.

Blogging is a great way for learners to collaborate in a non-classroom setting. Also a great way to collaborate on a developing project from a distance.  There’s a few free options for hosting a blog. Blogger & WordPress are just a couple.

We also looked at Learning Cells and Think-Pair-Share activity.

We then discuss ways you can use Twitter and Google Hangouts to let your students (or yourself) to collaborate on projects or contact people that might be able to provide value to the project.  Using a Twitter hashtag for a specific learning group (ex. #custserv123) would be a great way to interact in a public domain about the topic in a targeted fashion.

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