TBF013 – Storytelling in eLearning.

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Heads up!  I take a pretty good look at storytelling and then I dive into how it can be applied to elearning.  This is a geek-heavy episode, so be warned.

My stance is that we, as a species, have been telling stories for 40,000 plus years, and we’re still telling stories so why are we using them improve our elearning.   So where am I getting 40, 000 years from? Cave art.  It’s the first documented pictures ever created by man kind, and pictures tell stories.  I suppose it’s up for debate, but I won’t listen to you. The nature of stories evolved along with us into a fairly complex set of events.  Joseph Campbell was a mythologist who pointed out this series of events in The Hero’s Journey.  He created the Monomyth that breaks down all of the different steps that a hero or heroine goes through upon completing a story.  Google your favorite movie and “hero’s journey” and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  I pulled a lot of the comic hero creation stories from Supergods by Grant Morrison.

Moving on!  I think that we should incorporate this monomyth into an elearning training module.  In all elearning that I’ve been through there are elements of stories but you don’t build the same emotional connection with those 2 dimensional characted than you do while reading a book or watching a movie.  I think it should look like the learner is watching a character go through the exact same journey that the learner is going through.  This makes sense when we consider the importance of Reflective Obsevartion from the Kolb LSI.

Listen to the podcast for details.  If you have questions let me know!


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