TBF011 – The Tin Can API. A Dialogue to Awesomeness.

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We take a high level look at Project Tin Can and it’s parent organization, SCORM.

If you go back far enough you’ll find that Project Tin Can has some military roots flowing from the Dept of Defense to ADL to SCORM to Tin Can.  We’ve talked before about the high stakes that the military has with the success of its trainees and it would make sense that they have some interest in the cutting edge of education.

SCORM’s focus is to create elearning content that is able to be used across several platforms.  Here they use the analogy of a DVD being played on different brands of DVD players.  It seems to be working for them because they have scads of HUGE companies that they do work for. You can get a downloadable PowerPoint presentation by ADL about SCORM and Tin Can here.  You’ll see a few (read ‘scads’) familiar logos on slide 4.

Tin Can API is another evolution of SCORM but this one looks strongly at the ‘Actor, Verb, Object’ accomplishment statement that learners experience after a successful learning event. “I did this.”  One of the truly remarkable things about Tin Can is their ability to track these statements regardless of the learners location through mobile devices.  The project was called ‘Tin Can’ is because they wanted to have a dialogue with the LMS people and learners, like tin cans on a string.

Lastly, we look at a vote of confidence in Tin Can from a blog posting by Ben Betts.  Ben is the Managing Director of HT2 in the UK, an award winning, tech based, learning developer.

Special thanks to Megan Bowe at Tin Can API.

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