Trainer Confidence. Get it!

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This episode we cover Trainer Confidence by exploring a visualization exercise and the Six Golden Rules to overcoming performance anxiety.

We discuss anticipating issues as a way of eliminating anxiety.  We look at three different aspects of this: Technical Issues, Challenging Learners, and Tough Questions.

Technical Issues:

  • multiple document back-ups
  • hard and soft copies
  • run through of presentation
Challenging Learners:
  • find motivations
  • keep all learning styles engaged
  • keep your material up to date
Tough Questions:
  • flip it back to them
  • have a parking lot!
The visualization exercise is from an article written by Ashraf Al Shafaki appropriately titled Trainer Confidence.   He breaks down step-by-step (seven, in fact) how you can visualize both your environment and the training scenario to let your mind experience it before your body does, giving you ‘virtual’ practice.
The Six Golden Rules for Conquering Performance Anxiety is an article written by David Leisner, a professional guitarist and composer.  He breaks it down and even though he is doing this through a musicians perspective, there are are some great ideas about keeping it natural and trusting yourself.




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