TBF007 – Truancy. Where you at?

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In this episode we explore truancy and ways around it.

We start off by looking at an article from the Oakland Tribune about parents appearing in truancy courts.  Parents are getting fined when their kids don’t attend classes and this was news to me (I’ve lived a sheltered life).  My Carrot V. Stick thoughts on this were a little on the bleeding-hearted side.  I think we should look at ways to engage learners instead of punishment.  Punishment should be a last resort.

Then we looked at a thought provoking article from Rick Sheridan from the educational website Faculty Focus.  Rick suggested five different ways


that you could increase your classroom attendance.  I’ve written my thoughts (in brief) beside them in italics. Listen to the podcast for a more thorough review.

  1. Prepare Learning Contracts – Amazing!  We should do more! Here’s the link for the pro’s of learning contracts referenced in the podcast
  2. Give pop-quizzes –  I’m not convinced that this is the best way.  If it’s done as a formative way to see where students are, I’m for it.  Here’s the link referred to in the podcast that challenges pop-quizzes.
  3. Provide Hand-outs in class only, not on website. – I’m not excited about this but it is fair to those who attend.
  4. Collect contact info to follow up with absent learners – I like it.  This works for me.
  5. Keep morale high – Sounds great to me!

We wrapped things up with a quote from an article from Military Review.  It explores how some military colleges set up trainees to be successful at their training, making them more successful in life.  Some very cool stuff in here.

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